Planetary maps

All the planetary maps available on these pages are publicly available. You do not need a special permission to use them but if you do then please mention their origin in your work, e.g. "created by Bj÷rn Jˇnsson" (or "Bjorn Jonsson" for all of you 8 bit character set challenged out there ;) or something equivalent.

You are also welcome to link to the maps from your own website. However, please do not place a copy of the maps on your website. One reason for this is that from time to time I "upgrade" the maps with improved versions and I don't want to have old, obsolete versions of my maps scattered around on the web.

The full size maps with accompanying information can be accessed by clicking the image thumbnails below.

Further information on the data used to create the maps is available on my legal stuff page.

Venus Jupiter from Cassini
venus_map.jpg (3413 bytes)
Jupiter from Voyager 2 Io
io_map.jpg (9987 bytes)
Io DEM (largely fictional) - New Europa
io_dem_256x128.jpg (20370 bytes) europa_map.jpg (6680 bytes)
Ganymede Callisto
ganym_map.jpg (8526 bytes) callisto_map.jpg (9698 bytes)
Saturn Saturn's rings
saturn_map.jpg (3471 bytes) satrings_map.gif (4809 bytes)
Mimas bump Rhea's albedo/color
mimas_bump.jpg (4222 bytes) rhea_a_m.jpg (3778 bytes)

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