A map of Io

This map of Io was created by taking three relatively low resolution Voyager 2 maps of Io and composing them into a color map. These maps were taken from this FTP site. Each of the three original maps was created from images taken through differently colored filters. I then replaced the luminosity channel of the color map with a very high resolution grayscale map from the above site. That map was created from Voyager 1 photos. The result was impressive despite the fact that Io changed somewhat between the two Voyager flybys (it is after all the most volcanically active body in the solar system !). I then removed the most prominent seams and color discontinuities. Some seams still remain (I was more lazy when creating this map than e.g. the Europa map ;) but remarkably they are usually not visible in 3D renderings except for renderings showing Io from a close range. I may remove these defects some day.

Finally I replaced small, black areas near the poles (where no imagery is available) with fictional data created by cloning adjacent areas.

This map is aesthetically better than the ones at David Seal's site and also of higher resolution but the color is probably less realistic than in his "yellowish" map. His maps are also more realistic in the sense that there is no fictional data at the poles, they are simply blank.

Click the map below to view the 2880x1440 pixel (442 KB JPG) full size map. Actually my original map is 5760x2880 pixels but I do not have space for such a monster here.

A map of Io (small version)

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