Images of Saturn

15 March 2004

Observing conditions were fairly good this evening and significantly better than on 1 February. This allowed me to acquire lots of images of Jupiter and Saturn.

saturn_20040315_220340.jpg (44576 bytes)
15 March 2004 22:03:40 UTC. Saturn's altitude above the horizon was slightly less than 50 degrees. Stack of 180 images, wavelet processing in Registax. Gain probably too high, the background is dark blue and not black.


1 February 2004

Conditions rather bad, the weather was windy.

saturn_20040201_215304.jpg (44062 bytes)
1 February 2004 21:53:04 UTC. My first image of Saturn to show a signicant amount of details. A stack of less than 100 images, wavelet processing (50,50,35,35,20,20) in RegiStax. The image looks noisy mainly because I didn't stack many images.