The main equipment I use for imaging consists of an Intes MN61 which is a 15 cm (6") Maksutov-Newtonian telescope, a Losmandy GM-8 mount, a Philips ToUcam Pro 840K webcamera, a Tele Vue 2x Barlow, a Tele Vue 5x Powermate and an IR blocking filter. I also replaced the focuser that came with the telescope with a Feathertouch focuser. This focuser is a bit expensive but of extremely high quality and I strongly recommend it. Getting it was almost like getting a new scope.

Needless to say I also use a laptop (an IBM ThinkPad). I also sometimes use USB extension cables. Doing so allows me to keep the laptop inside behind a window when it is cold. Only the mouse is outside in this case since the keyboard is not necessary while imaging; everything can be done with the mouse.

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The MN61 The camera attached to the scope The telescope, camera and laptop
The MN61 telescope with the camera attached. A closeup of the Philips ToUcam Pro 840K webcamera attached to the scope. Here everything is getting ready for imaging: A Hartmann mask is being used for focusing and the laptop is ready inside while the mouse is outside since everthing can be done without a keyboard. For this I use USB extension cables.