Copyright issues and acknowledgements


Use of the maps and renderings

The renderings on these pages are all copyrighted by me and may not be used without permission.

However, the planetary maps on these pages are publicly available. You do not need a special permission to use them but if you do then please mention their origin in your work, e.g. "created by Björn Jónsson" or something equivalent. Also I would like to see renderings/animations created using them if possible, I'm interested in space art.


Maps and models not created by me used in the renderings

The data used to create the renderings not based on my own models comes from the following sources:

The maps of the Moon, Mars, Uranus and all of the Saturnian and Uranian satellites were taken from David Seal's site. He works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and has a big collection of maps, renderings and other stuff.

For the Earth renderings I used the Blue Marble Second Generation texture maps created by Reto Stöckli, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Supervisors:
Fritz Hasler and David Herring, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
This project was realized under the SSAI subcontract 2101-01-027 (NAS5-01070)

The map of Jupiter's satellite Io was composited by me from very big Voyager-based mosaics created by the US Geological Survey (USGS). I found them at this FTP site which is (was ?) associated with the International Outer Planet Watch.


Data for the maps and models created by me

The map of Callisto was created by me from scratch using the Voyager CDs and the "raw" Galileo images available at the PDS Imaging Node. The maps of Europa and Ganymede were similarly created. The map of Venus was created from Galileo images available on CDs. The model of Saturn and its rings was created from Voyager images available on CDs

A texture map of Mars used in some renderings created in October 2002 and later is created using images from NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.

For the use of the Voyager images I acknowledge the Voyager Experiment Team Leader, Dr. Bradford A. Smith, the Planetary Data System, and the National Space Science Data Center A for Rockets and Satellites. For the use of Galileo images on CDs I acknowledge the Principal Investigator, Dr. Michael J. S. Belton, the Planetary Data System, and the National Space Science Data Center.

Thanks to all those mentioned above for making all this data available.


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